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Zabal Media's Comprehensive Partner Onboarding

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Wilian Iralzabal
Zabal Media Founder

Web designers often seem to focus on the technical aspect of the website design and creation process, concentrating on wireframes, code, and content management. However, the road to excellent website design entails more than captivating visuals and integrated social media buttons. The key to successful website design is curating a website creation process that aligns with your client’s vision and directly translates into their idea of success.

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the website design process, it is vital to understand the steps that precede it. Understanding the process of starting a project helps your clients gain clarity allowing them to stay abreast of developments at every step. Let us know the process and steps involved in starting a project with Zabal Media, LLC.

The Project Initiation Process

Contact Form:

Starting a project begins with you visiting Zabal Media’s website and submitting our Contact Form. The Contact Form requests basic information about you, like your name and email address, along with additional details about your project, such as the budget range and timeline.

Leveraging the help of a Project Manager or a Software Engineer enables us to understand the full scope of your project. Once you have filled out the contact form, we analyze it to ensure that the data mentioned is helping us understand your vision. In case of insufficient information, the Zabal Team reaches out with questions to fill the data gaps.

Introduction Call:

Once our team has gone through the information mentioned in the Contact Form, the next step is to book a slot on Wilian’s calendar for an introduction call that can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the project's complexity. The introduction call covers the scope of work, business goals, customer information, and what success means to you by covering basic questions such as:

Why do you want to choose Zabal Media? Why work on this project? And Why have you chosen to work on this project now?

These questions are vital to paint a clear picture of why you want to work on this project by diving deep into what success looks like for you. We study how you envision your website/ product working six months from now, allowing us to manage expectations and work towards fulfilling your idea of success.


Once we agree to work together, the Zabal team will send you a detailed proposal containing all of the discussions we had during the discovery call. This helps us understand the problems you are facing and how we will resolve them tactically. This proposal is organized in the same way based on the conversation we had on call and listed exactly what we talked about – What are your goals?, What are you looking to accomplish?, and What is Zabal Media going to take care of?

The proposal contains details regarding the scope of work where we determine the number of pages that need to be designed or developed. In the case of a retainer, the proposal defines work hours and the cost per hour depending on the availability of resources. The following sections cover the timeline, what Zabal Media will be responsible for, what’s out of scope, pricing options, and testimonials from happy partners.


Once you have received our proposal, the next step is to review it and discuss it with your internal team to ensure that everything is clearly defined and that our expectations match. If the client approves the proposal, then they can accept it to move forward.

Kickoff Call

Last but not least, once the proposal is accepted, it’s time to begin working together. This is when we will set up a project kickoff call and start doing a proper onboarding onto the Zabal Media process. We will use a Google doc to set up meeting notes and an appropriate communication channel; if there are design requirements, we will set up a Figma file, etc. This Google document outlines the essential parts of the projects and helps create a paper trail of the small, medium, and significant decisions we have made along the way.

How To Leverage Design As A Business Tool

Discovery Phase

The first step when beginning any project is to understand better the client, their business goals, and objectives for a particular project. If the designs are already created for the project, we move straight to the development phase; if not, the next stage is building designs and prototyping. The goal identification process establishes a greater sense of trust and shows each client that we care about their long-term progress, which also aligns with their idea of success.

Design & Prototyping

UX Design: The architecture of a system is as important as its aesthetics and functionality. Zabal Media strives to design experiences for the user by leveraging critical design thinking in every project. The UX design phase focuses on how users navigate the website or product through interaction design, animation, etc.

UI Design: The UI Design process focuses on making things beautiful by applying branding, icons, and imagery. Leveraging micro-interactions and micro-animations helps us create universally beautiful designs. Once done with the UX/UI designing and clearly understanding our goals in terms of what we have to build, we move into the development.


The founder of Zabal Media, Wilian Iralzabal, aims to manage expectations throughout the project's inception and delivery. Once the designs and prototypes are in place, expert Webflow developers and software engineers work closely together on the team to conclude the project's development. This comprehensive step-by-step article helps you understand what to expect from the first step, which is filling out the form, signing a contract, and getting to work on the project.


Our refined end-to-end process of starting a project is smooth and well-defined. Zabal media has spent a great deal of time polishing and perfecting their process, which has been efficacious and does a bang-up job whether they cater to industry giants like Discord, Oyster Hr, or small startups working on impactful projects of their own.

We are excited to collaborate with engaging and meaningful projects that aim to impact the world positively. Irrespective of the size of your business, we wish to partner up with companies that aspire for a delightful future that is more relevant and purposeful for all of us.

Harnessing the expertise of Zabal Media allows you to tailor your style to appeal to your target audience. We have worked with small, medium, and large companies, and this process has been proven to work for all businesses and industries. Contact us today to learn more about our services.