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Why clients choose Zabal?

It all comes down to trust. We have not only earned the trust and respect of Webflow, but we also have built a reputation for ourselves by partnering with small, medium, and large companies around the world. Lastly, we are thought leaders in the design & no-code space and share our knowledge freely for others to learn and grow.

Zabal media Journey
Heading H3

Big things have small beginnings


Wilian was working as a ux/ui designer at a startup in San Mateo, when he stumbled upon a Webflow advertisement on Youtube.

Introduction to Webflow

The Youtube ad seemed too good to be true. Can there really be a visual development tool that creates clean code and is built on top of html, css, and javascript best practices? Wilian created an account that day and the No/Low - code journey started.


Wilian spent most of his free time learning Webflow, creating websites for customers, and making videos to share what he was learning.

Two of the startups that Wilian lead design for were acquired by Google. These two exits lead to many opportunities in the digital design space to make an impact.

Building a portfolio website

Using his new skills in Webflow development, Wilian was finally able to build his portfolio exactly as he envisioned. After three months of researching, designing, and development. He launched his new portfolio website into the market and made a major splash.

His portfolio got the attention of the Webflow team and was featured on the Webflow showcase page. Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and many other companies reached out. This was a clear sign that Webflow is a major asset to designers, marketers, companies, and agencies that want full control of the ux/ui design of their websites.

2017 - 19

After launching his new portfolio, Wilian landed his dream job at Google as a lead digital product designer. This was his first experience learning how digital products and website were built at scale and leading design at a major corporation. During this time, he learned how to design and build digital products/solutions that people love and trust.

Side hustle turns to full time

During his time at Google, Wilian would spend his nights and weekends working on freelance projects building websites in Webflow. On July 19th, he ended his contract with Google and began working full time on Zabal Media, LLC.


Wilian was able to quickly grow the Zabal Media team to 4 team members at the beginning of the year and began working with some major brands around the world. At this time, Zabal Media was accepted to the Webflow Enterprise Agency Partners program. This meant that Webflow vetted Zabal Media as one of the top Webflow expert partners in the world. More specifically, Zabal Media was now part of the enterprise service providers, which would open up new opportunities with large companies and teams.

Zabal Media also became an Adalo expert partner for no-code mobile apps. Having both expert certificates made Zabal Media leaders in the low-code / no-code space.

Building a world class team

One of the main things that makes Zabal Media special the fact that everyone on the team is extremely talented, and also great human beings. At the end of the year, the team grew from 4 full time members to 14 full time rockstars. They began working with brands like, Mural, Oyster, Microsoft MileIQ etc. They were growing fast!


In the beginning of 2021 they had established themselves as one of the top Webflow agencies in the world. The team grew to 19 full time members and grew 400% in revenue from the previous year.

Building the right systems

As the company grew, they spent a tremendous amount of time with the leadership team to ensure that they had the proper systems in place to guarantee success for all of their lovely partners.

They became hyper focused on setting the proper systems in place, which lead to stronger results in project output. Projects were all running smoothly and partners came back to sign ongoing retainers due to the fact that Zabal Media brought so much value to their teams.


Zabal Media grew up. This is the year that they began major deal partnerships with some of the biggest brands:

  • Webflow
  • Slack
  • Burger King
  • Discord
New Zabal Media brand

They spent several months rebranding the company and creating an entire new experience for their case studies. Their case studies are now an extension of the brands that they worked with. Their portfolio is not a simple template solution that shows final results of the websites they worked on, they are all an immersive experience from top to bottom that highlights every step of the process they went through with their partners.

The new website also has a new addition to it: Zabal Journal. This is where they share their knowledge about designing and building digital solutions in the hopes to educate both partners and others that are curious about this space. They are doing this for the community.

Heading H3

Global remote-first rockstars

Project Manager
Creative Director
Lead Developer
Project Manager
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Webflow Developer
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