My end to end web design process

It's crucial to have a process as a designer. It's a way to ensure that you aren't making random guesses....

Wilian Iralzabal

Having a process is important. Guesses make messes.

Have you ever wondered how websites are created? I remember wanting to know when I was getting started. I thought that you just pushed a button and the site would be ready to go. I was wrooooong. After being a designer for almost 7years, this is my design process for website designs **no I don’t use templates**

Objectives and key results

Understanding the business objectives is key. Before beginning any web design project, it’s imperative to get a good understanding of what success looks like. It’s nearly impossible to hit a target that you can’t see.

Content strategy and user experience design

After I understand the expectations and scope of the project has been defined, I try to focus deeply on the content. The taxonomy of the information is critical because at the end of the day, content is king. The design should lend itself to help tell the story of the brand. This is why low fidelity designs are so important. This step is all about the hierarchy of the information.

User interface design

The high fidelity part of any project is the most fun. This is where you begin to bring color to the project. By color I mean, binging the brand specifics to the site. Making it come to life is all about the images, colors, font usage, and animations.

Development in Webflow

Once the designs have been approved by my client, I develop the front end code in Webflow. Webflow is my favorite tool to use for website design projects. With Webflow I’m able to not only design but also build out the code and help my client go from idea to published website.

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