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Wilian Iralzabal

Success happens at the speed of communication

In a recent interview, @ryanleslie said, “success happens at the speed of communication”. Looking back at my career, this has definitely been true. More importantly, communication combined with trust. This is why I’m sharing SuperPhone with you all today. Ryan’s, team has been working on the Salesforce for managing your connections in your phone. Here is how I plan to use for all of my freelance and client engagements:

1: Contact acquisition.

My phone is now smart enough to know when I don’t have a person’s number who reaches out, so it will kindly ask for them to input their phone number and details in my phone.

2: Paying customers.

I plan on tracking who has spent money with me through the analytics part of the app. This will become extremely helpful for when I launch my course online.

3: Tag relationships.

Clients, designers, engineers, investors etc. I always forget what people do. I also plan to tag all of my main connections as VIP so that I never lose contact. In the meantime, go to this link and put your number in my phone if you want to keep in touch or are interested in collaborating with me. I’ll follow up with a text:

If you're looking to grow your reach, I highly recommend checking out SupherPhone:

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